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Trek Score v1.0.1

I am excited to announce that Trek Score v1.0.1 is now available in the App Store for the iPod, iPhone and iPad devices…

Version 1.0.1 is a bug fix release. Changes include:

  • Selecting the winning score row will now immediately unhighlight the row and place focus into the winning score text field making it easier to edit the victory point condition and more apparent on how to edit it.
  • Selecting a recent player anywhere on the name will add that player to the game player list instead of having to press exactly on the PLUS icon.
  • Winning score now always appears to the right regardless of Portrait or Landscape orientation.

Trek Score v1.0

I am excited to announce that Trek Score v1.0 is now available in the App Store for the iPod, iPhone and iPad devices… It is an easy to use scoring application for the popular Star Trek deck building games. Trek Score knows about all of the series and possible game plays. It knows what the win conditions are and what point cards exist in each scenario. This makes scoring your game extremely simple. To create a new game, simply touch the “New Game” button, select the game type, add a few players and touch the “Start Game” button! From there, select a user, touch one of the score buttons and watch Trek Score do all the work. For games that have a point win condition, Trek Score is able to automatically detect when a winner exists. Don’t worry, it’ll let you know! Trek Score tracks players so next time through you just click on an existing player to add them to a new game.

Trek Score tracks the play time, players, scores and of course winners. Speaking of, it knows how to track multiple winners for all the team based scenarios that can be played in the game. With this data, Trek Score can then show player statistics such as the last time a player played, how many games they have played, won, lost, average score and the all important win ratio.

It is packed with all sorts of additional features such as play timers, multiple game tracking, intelligent add/subtract score buttons, smart game setup and more.

It is my hopes that Trek Score will make your Star Trek deck building game time that much more enjoyable.