Me by glider

About Jeremy Cowgar

Jeremy Cowgar has been a professional software developer since 1990 dealing mainly with custom desktop and web based business applications in the medical field, though, has has dove into applications on various platforms for both hobby and fun.

Jeremy is a Christian, Husband, Father, Programmer, Backpacker, Pilot, Bee Keeper, Ham Radio Operator, Slackliner… in that order (on most days).

More recently Jeremy has been taking his development expiernece to the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. The first venture was Trek Score, a simple yet innovative application to track the score of the popular Star Trek™ deck building games by Bandai. It was quickly followed up with Gridsquare, an application to show location details needed for the roving Amateur Radio operator.

My Family

Jeremy and Crystal

My wife and I dated for 6 months, were engaged for 6 months and then married in November of 1998. I have four daughters the the oldest to youngest being a 9 year spread. We homeschool our school aged kids and have regular family time. We live on a farm and my family enjoys just about everything that is outdoors. My two oldest daughters are in Bible quizzing at church and also 4-H. For sports they enjoy horse back riding and running. 5K races at the present, 10K races and 1/2 marathons are on the horizon. We live very close to both grandparents, brothers and sisters, so our children have a great relationship with their extended family. As a family we camp in our popup trailer rain or shine, heat or cold, have weekly dad - daughter date nights, family game night where we turn off the electronics to play good old fashioned board games, hike at local parks and ride bikes amongst many other common family activities.